The convergence of online and offline shopping experiences

posted 09.29.2014 by Spawn

The world of shopping is changing, and customers are thinking in new ways. The convergence of online and offline shopping experiences can be a surprisingly powerful tool for re-branding your company and driving sales. This can sound intimidating, but the truth is that it's becoming easier than ever before to leverage the difference and start bringing customers back to physical locations. How, you ask? It's all about the customer's experience.

New trends from Facebook, Ello, VW and Tim Horton's

posted 09.24.2014 by Spawn

Just in time for the Facebook announcement that they will soon start charging users, Ello announces their new anti-Facebook, anti-ads social network. This could be the beginning of a big change in social media. Read more...

Apple launches, IKEA plays and Kraft engages

posted 09.10.2014 by Spawn

The New Apple phone and watch take personalized technology to a whole new level. The latest announcements from Apple continue to evolve this brand's equity in an extremely competitive category. IKEA's video strategy "drafts" off Apple, using tongue-and-cheek humor to get a bit of attention from the new Apple announcement. And Kraft strategically pairs advertising and content, ultimately gaining higher ROI from the content, than from its ads.

Is Facebook Dead?!

posted 09.08.2014 by Spawn

Nah ... Facebook still dominates teens’ social usage. Click to learn more.

Instagram Hyperlapse, 13 minutes of awesome and the new Alaska Airlines Center

posted 09.05.2014 by Spawn

How will individuals and marketers document and delight with Instagram's new Hyperlapse? Never underestimate the power of packaging to stimulate the senses to believe something that isn't. And, Alaskans, get set for the highly anticipated grand opening events at UAA's Alaska Airlines Center. (And come see what might be the first drive-in movie of your life — or least the first you've seen in decades!)

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