Back-to-School Time: Bad news for kids. Great news for marketers.

posted 08.06.2014 by Spawn

Remember when you were a kid and you went into a mild (or possibly deep) depression when summer break ended?

Careful on Social. People might think you look like a private part.

posted 07.18.2014 by Spawn

Everyone’s heard the horror stories. A brand kicks off a social media campaign only to be blasted with unexpected, unflattering, and embarrassing feedback from users ...

GoPro's success doesn't have anything to do with the actual cameras

posted 07.03.2014 by Spawn

Brands with a cult-like following all have one thing in common - Their products say something about the people who use them. GoPro is one of them.

The sun is shining on weather-related marketers

posted 06.27.2014 by Spawn

Weather-Informed Ads are Coming to Twitter ... Now marketers can target users on Twitter based on local weather conditions.

Instagram’s Advertising Snapshot

posted 06.26.2014 by Spawn

“What is an Instant Gram?” said everyone and their mother when Instagram first launched. Well, we’ll tell you what it is now – the new bar for social network engagement.

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